Friday, March 16, 2012

Project SoundLife back up and running

I'm very happy to announce that Project SoundLife is now back up and running. I've recovered from my stroke for the most part, and I can now play my Alto Sax again. Finally. Now I will be making new arrangements again, and you might even get to see some composing action, and possibly some remixing!

Right now I'm working on some pretty popular songs, and you'll probably see me uploading them soon. I'll just have to find a place to host them since they aren't from Anime OST's or Video Game OST's. Yes, that's right. Ready for some Coldplay? Or would you rather hear something from Foster The People? How about some Maroon 5? Your likely to be getting all of those. I'll most likely be making a site though to host those sheets on. I'll update you all again when it's ready.

For the mean time, follow me on Twitter so you can get the instant upadte. @SaxAppeal96

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